Dr. Gagandeep Sidhu

Dr. Sidhu believes in creating beautiful smiles, which combines esthetic considerations with functional requirements. He believes that patient education and involvement are important to achieve these beautiful smiles and successful treatment. Dental photography, intraoral images and digital radiography help patients to visualize their treatment alternatives and motivate the importance of Dental health and their cooperation. In Dentistry each procedure should be tailored to combine Esthetic consideration as well functional requirements to accomplish needs of patients. 

Dr. Sidhu earned his B.D.S. Bachelor’s Degree Dental sciences in prestigious Bapuji (Mahatma Gandhi) school of Dental sciences in India. Upon Graduation he worked in various research projects about numerous abstracts in the areas of dental materials and biosciences. He worked in different projects in preventive dentistry to reach the underserved rural areas to educate people about dental health and organized Dental health awareness and oral cancer screening events. It had given him opportunity to learn and experience diverse cultures. 

Dr. Sidhu graduated in 2009 with D.D.S Degree under IDP Program (MX).

He is an active Member of (ADA) American Dental association/CDA (California Dental association)/FMDS (Fresno Madera Dental society). He is strongly committed to continuing education in the newest and best techniques available to provide his patients with state-of-the-art health care.

He is very personable and treats his patients with compassion with no compromises being made in treatment or materials.

Dr. Sidhu is grown up in farming family and loves nature and farming. He is a family man with proud father of two boys.